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CAPRIOLO: Flexible and versatile mill, where small quantities could be quickly weaved offering an unexceptionable service according to the market standards.
This plant is also aimed to satisfy the customer’s need and improve the research & development of innovative products.
High skilled and experienced technicians are available to realize the most difficult and challenging items in order to find suitable solutions with no creativity limits.


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MANUFACTURE DE KSAR SAID: located in the Tunisi outskirts, reachable in 10 minutes from the International Airport, this mill is endowed with 150 looms, both in single and double width. The gripper loom technology offers versatility and flexibility, features envied by the classical Europe mills.
The NK textile Group know-how and experience have moved in this modern mill in order to weave both standard and particular qualities with cheap and affordable terms.
The direct synergy with TFM (manufacturing plant owned by NK and also located in Tunisi) allows the group to supply both raw as well as dyed fabrics.
The fabrics weaved in MKS offer the chance to have cheap qualified manufactured products in Tunisia or in Europe in short time with Italian quality standards.
2 section warpers
2 sizing machines
25 bullet loom width 360 cm
130 loom width 190-220 cm
Final inspection department


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