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The cotton fabrics weaved in the NK textile Group mills ensure the best qualitative plus: resistance, long-lasting, elasticity, softness.
Essentially produced with own-made yarns, the NK fabrics suit perfectly for high level wearing apparel and linen. The huge know-how allows the NK Textile Group to quickly and efficaciously understand and face the market demands and changes, creating a reliable working relationship with the customer, which starts with the development of the product and carries on with the quality statement.
The production is located between Italy and Tunisia in order to guarantee the maximum flexibility with big attention focused on service and costs.

Maximum level guaranty thanks to the complete production control (100% of meters weaved), directly on loom or in the final inspection department; traceability of the whole weaving process from the yarn technical features to the efficiency in each production phase.

In order to guarantee fast deliveries, most of the articles are on stock, ready to be despatched. Personalization according the customer specifics with creative proposals aimed to realize different versions suitable for the market need.


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The fabrics are almost raw-cotton-made, but according to the market demands, it is possible to manufacture almost each kind of textile fibre, such as yarn dyed.

Production units
Flexible plants to be close to market needs, and ability to produce quickly the new products...

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