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The plant is fed directly from the waters of Iseo Lake, coming from a work of taking at the border between the Sarnico towns of and Paratico, consisting of six mouths followed by a large settling tank and an underpass siphon of Torrent Guerra.
The floodway, a free surface, runs for approximately 800 m on the territory of Villongo, Sarnico and Credaro. It ends at the loading tank from which depart the three feeding mouths of the three hydroelectric groups, protected by grills originally cleaned by two self-moving lattice oil-pressure grill cleaners.

On either side of the loading tank originate bypass canals, each intercepted by a floodgate, intervening as discharge channels in case the turbines are out of order, to maintain unchanged the hydraulic regime of the River Oglio before the derivation and not to cause disturbance to the irrigation derivations.

The power station building houses three twin groups of Riva Hydroart manufacturing, each with the following characteristics:

P = 1.136 KW
Manufacture year = 1984

Each turbine is coupled, through a multiplier, to an asynchronous generator of TIBB manufacturing, with rated load 1013 kW.
The energy generated by the 3 Kv plant is elevated by three processors and put into Enel net at medium-voltage of 15Kv.
A return channel carries the whirled flows from the power station to Oglio River about 600 m upstream from the power plant of Capriolo. The channel is made of earth, with trapezoidal section, and runs for about 310 m.



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