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  Capriolo Power Plant

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The plant consists of a work of taking on the Oglio River, at the border between the towns of Capriolo (BS) and Credaro (BG), an embankment consisting of a fixed wall across the bed, on which four automatic pairs of metallic floodgates act.
On the left side there is a gravel removing device, while on the right bank was built (1994) the passage for fish.
The free surface channel, approximately 500 meters long and made of concrete masonry, finishes into the loading basin from which radiate five mouths, protected by individual grills cleaned by three oil-pressure grill cleaners, for the feeding of the hydroelectric units.
In addition there are three bypass gates, two of which are with fan and one flat.

The hydroelectric power station consists of two separate buildings:
• The first, the original station, consists of two factory buildings and houses within it a Kaplan group, manufactured by De Pretto Escher Wyss coupled with an alternator of manufacturing TIBB and a group Boford coupled with an asynchronous Marelli generator and the three bypass gates.
• The second building, recently built (1989), consists of three twins groups Flygt, with asynchronous generators, with their power and control panels.

The characteristics of the hydroelectric units are as follows:

Group n°1 (De Pretto-TIBB):
Pgen = 1.500 kW
Manufacture year = 1954
Group n° 2 (Boford-Marelli):
Pgen = 690 kW
Manufacture year = 1981
Group n° 3,4,5 (Flytgt) cadauno:
Pgen = 440 kW
Manufacture year = 1989



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